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How to Stop Bullying

As a parent it is heartbreaking to find out that your child is being bullied.  Unfortunately most bullying goes on where adults can’t see it, bullies are most common in the pre-teen age group and as children age the bullying tends to get worse.  That leaves us wondering how to stop bullying when parents and teachers may be unaware that it is even going on.

The Dynamics of Bullying

Bullying a pretty general term to describe the behavior where one person chooses to be aggressive to another.  This can take the form of criticism, exclusion, isolation, verbal taunts and even physical violence.  It needs to involve at least three participants, the bully, the one being bullied and the bystander.  Bystanders can be as bad as the bullies themselves they encourage the bully at worst or fail to intervene at best.

Bullying in School

Bullying happens in schools whether it is happening to your child or not.  However if your child is lucky enough to attend a good school then they are proactive in dealing with the situation.  Bullies can torment other kids for months before they come forward and tell a teacher or parent.  Bullying has a horrible effect on children, aside from being emotional and physically traumatic most bullied children don’t do well academically either.  School becomes a place of stress rather than a place of learning.  In fact that is how teachers or parents begin to notice that a child is being bullied.  Children’s grades start to slip and they become more and more withdrawn.

Parental Intervention

If you are the parent of a child who bullies other kids then the onus is on you to deal with the behavior.  You cannot let your child be cruel to another that trauma can last for years and it causes no end of problems.  You need to discourage things like name calling, hurtful teasing, physical or emotional abuse.  Some parents believe that this is a normal part of growing up, but it isn’t.  If we ever want to stop bullying then participation of parents and teachers is necessary to that end.

Bullying is a horrible aspect of childhood that needs to end, with education and awareness we can teach children to recognize when their behavior crosses the line from friendly banter into hurtful bullying.  We can stop bullying with education and awareness.  Schools are taking a proactive approach now it is time for parents to follow their lead.