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Myths About Bullying

Myths About BullyingIf we want to prevent bullying in schools, playgrounds or in the workplace then we need to understand it and how it happens.  Bullying can cause physical and psychological harm and it deserves to be taken seriously.  Most people misunderstand bullies and what makes them tick.  Here are some myths about bullying that we need to understand so we can get to the heart of the issue.

Bullies Suffer From Low Self Esteem

This probably the most common misconception about bullies, in fact most bullies are popular and usually pretty confident.  They aren’t trying to make up for any perceived inadequacies but rather for them it is a way to fit in with friends.  Bullying is often a group effort, often the leader or bully picks on others as a way to impress their friends.  Here is a better explanation.

You Need a Thicker Skin

It is often said that bullying is just a part of childhood and the bullied child should just learn to deal with it.  This type of thinking hurts the victim and the bully, it teaches both that this is acceptable behavior when it really isn’t.  Bullying should never be tolerated, and victims can end up suffering from depression, and low self esteem.

Bullying Only Happens in School

That is just not the case, bullying happens everywhere.  It doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor or middle class bullies are everywhere.  It can happen in elementary school, high schools, the playground or among adults in the work places.  However bullying is most common in kids between the ages of 9 to 13 years old.  This is where kids start feeling pressure to fit in and bullying is how they cope.

Only Boys Bully

While boys do bully more often than girls they aren’t the only ones that can be bullies.  Boys and girls bully each other differently, boys tend to more physical and girls are emotional.  Girls will humiliate or say mean things to bully and boys will fight or physically threatened when they bully.

Bullying is No Big Deal

There are still too many parents that think bullying is some sort of rite of passage and it isn’t any big deal.  That isn’t the case, there are kids everyday who commit suicide because of bullying.  Parents involvement is a must if you want to stop bullying. Bullying is dangerous and destructive and the problem needs to be nipped in the bud, every child deserves to feel safe in school.